Rental Info

St. Luke’s Theatre comfortably seats 174 in a versatile, air-conditioned space.

“St. Luke’s Theatre …. located across Eighth Avenue from the big Broadway houses is just barely off Broadway…. an elegant theater space with comfortable chairs on risers and a small stage that still manages to have three wings. The tannish color of woodwork around the walls of the theater contrasts pleasingly with the plum walls and the whole is lit with sconces. It does not try to rival the big Broadway houses for lavishness; the atmosphere is one of intimacy and care.” (via TheaterScene)


St Luke’s Theatre is located at 308 West Forty Sixth (46) St.
( just west of 8th ave) NY 10036

For any inquiries please submit this contact form

If you would like more information about renting St. Luke’s Theatre
Please call Edmund Gaynes at212-947-3499 or e-mail us at

The Rise of Dorothy Hale –set by Josh Iacovelli, lights by Graham Kindred.

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