(CLOSED January 8, 2012) “Say Goodnight Gracie”

“Say Good Night Gracie” was written by 3-time Tony Award Winner, Rupert Holmes, Joel Rooks starred in this welcome revival of Holmes’ smoothly entertaining play about the lives of George Burns and Gracie Allen. It opened at St. Lukes Theatre on October 14, 2011 and closed on January 8, 2012.

About the play:It’s not often that a show can wrap you in a tender love story, delight you with an uproarious comedy, and glide you through a guided tour of an American century of entertainment, all in one memorable theatrical event. SAY GOODNIGHT GRACIE is first and foremost an unforgettable experience, centering around one man’s devotion to his wife, a woman who was his friend, his sweetheart, and his partner for life, and beyond. A love story one hundred years in the making.”  

                                                                                        “Mesmerizing!”   –  WCBS-TV

The New Yorker

“You’ll be in heaven!”
The New York Times

Renowned Broadway actor Joel Rooks pegs Burns in every way!”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“George Burns came alive again for 90 wonderful, endearing minutes. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT!’
Jeffrey Lyons / WNBC-TV

Visit: www.SayGoodnightGracie.net

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