CLOSED April 24, 2013: “Addicted to Show Business”


Written and performed by 3 Time Emmy Award winner Dave Konig, with direction and musical score by Ian Finkel, ‘Addicted to Show Business’ is a one man comedic tour de force about the one addiction there’s no 12 Step program for.

“In this uplifting and hilarious show, Konig cons his way into a starring role in a Broadway musical (even though he can’t sing or dance), he grts hired – and fired – as a national spokesman for the Catholic Church (even though he’s Jewish), Adam Sandler pushes him on stage, Carol Burnett falls in -and out- of love with him, and someone in the audience gets decapitated (really).”

‘Addicted to Show Business’ opened at St Lukes Theatre, March 13, 2013, and closed April 24, 2013.