CLOSED Sept. 28, 2008 : Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group NYC debut at St. Luke’s Theatre

ZOMBIE JOE’S UNDERGROUND THEATRE GROUP made it’s NYC debut at St. Lukes Theatre on August 27, 2008 (AND OPENED OFFICIALLY ON SEPTEMBER 3, 2008 ) with Edgar Allan Poe’s “MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH & THE TELL-TALE HEART & THE BELLS”. [ CLOSED on Sept. 28, 2008]

The company brought three of Poe’s infamous tales of terror and intrigue to life with its ‘tastefully macabre’ theatrical style. ( The two-act, mini-Poe Fest, serves up torture and madness in its ‘bloody-shoestring’ style of stylized physicality and strange soundscapes – all in under two hours with intermission. [CLOSED]

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