(CLOSED) A Brush With Georgia O’Keeffe … Color of Flesh and Give ‘Em Hell, Harry

A Brush With Georgia O’Keeffe – 2008  (Closed Sept. 28 2008)

A Brush With Georgia O’Keeffe began previews June 14, 2008 at St. Luke’s Theatre and Closed Sept. 28, 2008

A BRUSH WITH GEORGIA O’KEEFFE by Natalie Mosco was produced by  Earl Productions LLC and Briana Seferian in association with Edmund Gaynes and Julia Beardsley and directed by Robert Kalfin. Featuring David Lloyd Walters, Virginia Roncetti, and Natalie Mosco as Georgia O’Keeffe; Set Design: Kevin Judge; Lighting Design: Paul Hudson; Costume Design: Gail Cooper Hecht; Composer and Sound Design: Margaret Pine,;Projections Design: Marilys Ernst and General Management: Jessimeg Productions

“Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh” (2008) Closed Sept 12, 2008

     “Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh” began previews at St. Lukes Theatre on June 26th,2008 and closed Sept. 12, 2008.  Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh, by Joel Gross, was directed by Robert Kalfin.

About the play: “Spanning 20 years during the dramatically charged build to the French Revolution, the play is a fictionalized triangle between Queen Marie Antoinette, her portraitist, the renowned beauty, Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Le Brun and Count Alexis de Ligne, an aristocrat and political radical. Once a target for the ambitions of her social climbing portrait painter and the politically obsessed Count, the vain but vulnerable Queen demonstrates surprising courage and humanity as the years pass, inspiring both to show genuine love for her even while Marie Antoinette’s bitter people use her as a masthead for their hatred and discontent.”

“Only three characters inhabit ‘Marie Antoinette: The Color of Flesh,’ but this impeccably acted play has the sweep of a historical novel. The history in this case is the French Revolution: its real events swirl outside, while inside at Versailles, emotions swirl just as vigorously around a triangle of love and friendship imagined by the playwright, Joel Gross.”

“Give ‘Em Hell, Harry!” (2008) played along with “Color of Flesh” and “A Brush With Georgia O’Keeffe”  (CLOSED September 28, 2008)

“Give Em Hell Harry!” starred Bix Barnaba as Harry S Truman. It opened at St. Lukes Theatre on July 20, 2008. Written by Samuel Gallu and directed by Stan Mazin, it closed on Sept. 28, 2008

Bix Barnaba starred as President Harry S Truman in the comedy Give Em Hell Harry!, by Samuel Gallu.

About the play: The play covers various milestones throughout Truman’s life including his legendary encounters with the press. Mr. Barnaba said “Truman was an ordinary man who was thrust into the position of making extraordinary decisions – some that continue to affect our lives to this very day. Some men are overwhelmed in those circumstances but Mr. Truman grew to meet the challenge. His personal integrity sustained and strengthened him. He is as relevant today as he was 60 years ago.” Among other things Truman said “There is nothing worse than a liar in public office, because the people might believe him, and if they catch a fellow like that they should give him about as much compassion as he gave the Constitution of the United States.” He also said “I never gave anybody Hell. I told the truth and they thought I was givin’ ‘em Hell.” CLOSED


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