CLOSED- OCTOBER 19, 2014 – “Olympics Über Alles”

Olympics Uber Alles Off Broadway Play Tickets

Olympics Über Alles” tells the story of the 1936 “Nazi Olympics” when Jewish-American runners, Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, became victims of hate-mongering. As Jesse Owens made the news, Marty and Sam, on the same U.S. track team went unnoticed as American and Nazi officials apparently conspired to bar them from the race of their lives. Why were these young men denied the opportunity to compete?

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Fast-forward to the present. Follow a Jewish professor and a Catholic museum curator investigating the Glickman-Stoller incident while they struggle against the prejudices of their upbringing, search for the truth amid some murky Olympic history and find meaning in their own developing relationship. In this evocative new play, politics, religion, sports, relationships and the roots of World War II come face-to-face in a theatrical whirlwind that will challenge and inspire.

Olympics Uber Alles

Authors: Samuel J. Bernstein and Marguerite Krupp,
Director Debra Whitfield



CLOSED May 22, 2015 “Going Once! Laughing Twice!! ‘

CLOSED – May 22, 2015
An Auction-Packed Comedy
Previews began September 25, 2014 / Opened Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Starring Brian Jaffe  
Directed by Eric Parness
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“Going Once! Laughing Twice!!” is an hilarious interactive parody of the prestigious world of art auctions. Go behind the scenes at Chump’s Auction House. This is an unscrupulous world where you’ll get to meet and join in the fun with the owners and crazy employees of Chump’s at its grand annual gala.

It features a cast of engaging scoundrels who pull you into the action as the story and intrigue of the famous Chump Auction House unfolds.

The show culminates with a rollicking auction and you participate as the patrons! You’ll get a bidding paddle and your own fortune in Chump Money as you enter the theatre and then get to bid, laugh, and be swindled!

The lucky winning bidders actually take home the “objets d’arte” being sold during this nutsy auction. Join us and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners!

There’s nothing this much fun in town!